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Low Carb Diet Is Good For Health

It has become a common trend for the dieticians and dieters to identify low carb diet as Atkins diet. However low carb diet was present and used even before Atkins diet was introduced. Even before the revolutionary low carb Atkins diet was introduced, it was in vogue. Many body builders had used the diet for keeping fat and weight in control and develop lean and trim body during the 1950s.

Why Low Carb Diet

More and more physicians and dieticians are now realizing that more than sugar; it is the white flour foods with high GI value are causing more glycemic health problems like insulin resistance as well as digestive disorders. On the other hand, diets lower in carbohydrate can lead to quicker weight loss in comparison to the traditional low fat diet programs though at the end of it results could be almost similar.

Low Carb Diet Advantages

Some of the major advantages of low carb diet are as follows:

• Losing weight in a healthier manner due to loss of appetite.
• Stabilizing of blood sugar levels.
• Burning out extra fat raising the metabolic rates and thereby resulting in faster weight loss.

Problems with Carbohydrates

Most of the dieticians and physicians suggest diet that has low carbohydrate contents for weight loss and good health. So what is the problem with carbohydrate? The reason is that bad carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread can spike the blood sugar causing various health problems. With blood sugar level rising there would increase in insulin levels and consequential weight gain. Such hike of sugar level also increases appetite.

Change of Thesis

Thus the earlier day theory of low fat high carb has been suitably replaced by the present day low carb and high protein diets. It could also be possible customizing such low carbohydrate containing diets using some green vegetables and fiber foods which won’t have much carbohydrate contents.

Multiple Types of Low Carb Diets

Almost half a dozen different varieties of low carb diets are there that are used by the weight loss aspirants. Some of the leading diet plans are Atkins New Diet Revolution, South Beach Diet Plan, Carbohydrate Addict’s Life style plans, and Protein Power. Another such diet is the Life without Bread.

Low Carb Diet Components

Basic components of low carb diet are healthy fats, proteins, wide variety of permissible foods, and high fiber foods. A user can customize the diet plans with low carbohydrate contents even shelving the requirements of non-vegetarian food if he or she happens to be a vegetarian.

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