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Eco-Atkins Good For Heart And Weight Loss

A recent research concluded that a new plant-based low carb diet also know as Eco Atkins Diet is good for heart health, in addition to weight loss. According to the report published on Archives of Internal Medicine, in the June edition, 44 individual who completed the plant-based high protein low carb diet for 4 weeks experienced weight loss, lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels as well as improvement in heart risk factors. On the other hand, the high-carb vegetarian diet group although experienced weight loss, there was no substantial reduction in LDL cholesterol. Though the number of people involved in the study was very small, it provided some interesting knowledge about the important of limiting carbohydrates in our diet.

However many experts argue that the diet may not be sustainable as most Americans have hard time sticking to a vegetarian diet. Christopher Gardner who is an associate professor at Stanford Prevention Research Center believed that not many people could stick to a diet with 75% of it protein comes from soy and gluten.

Another expert, Carla Wolper, who is a dietitian at the New York Obesity Research Center, shared the same view with Gardner. She said that obese and overweight Americans will not buy into vegetarianism even if it is a high-fat version. She added that the question is not whether the plan works or not but rather the number of people willing to live with the plan.

Initially, 47 participants took part in the study, but only 44 completed the study. Participants were divided into 2 groups, each group was assigned with one of the two diet plan for a period of 4 weeks. Both the diets were low calorie diet which only provide 60% of the total calories a person would required to maintain his/her body weight. Half of the participants were randomly assigned for Eco Atkins diet while the remaining 50% were assigned to a control diet which is high carb vegetarian based on low-fat dairy products and whole grain.

At the end of the 4 weeks study both groups lost about 4 kilograms or 8.8 pounds. But in almost all blood lipid measurements the researchers discovered that the low-carb group showed improvement more than the high carb group. This included improvement in LDL cholesterol levels, ratios of apolipoproteins (proteins bind to fats) and systolic & diastolic for blood pressure. Another interesting fact to note from the study is that the HDL cholesterol levers did not change for both groups which is quite abnormal in the low-carb diet test. Researchers explained that this might due to low level of saturated fat in the diets.

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