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ATKINS DIET - The most well know low carbohydrate diet plan.

Lose up to 15lbs in 2 weeks with Dr Atkins Diet plan.



Atkins Diet Tips and Secrets for Success :  

If you have muscle cramps and brain fog during Atkins diet, remember that potassium is an important mineral that gets flushed out of the body quickly. Put down the banana (NO fruit during induction) and take 90 mg of potassium supplement. It will start to work within an hour.

Eat enough calories. Try to get 8-10 calories per pound of current body weight every day. Some Atkins diet follower even recommend as many as 12 calories per pound. If you consume too few calories, your body will go into "starvation mode" and weight loss will slow or stop.

No low-carb shakes or bars during Induction, they stall or stop weight loss in most.

If you must have no-carb chocolate, heed the warning on the label. Excess consumption is the whole bar. Eat ONE small piece at a sitting until you know how isomalt affects you. Be aware that no-carb candy slows weight loss in most and stops weight loss in some.

Some people do better on NutraSweet (Aspartame) than on Splenda. If Splenda gives you headaches during Atkins diet, try NutraSweet.

Remember that Atkins diet is all about learning how different foods affect you so that you can decide which foods to remove from your diet and which you may enjoy regularly.

Drink enough water. At least 68 ounces per day. Some recommend 100 ounces per day, and Atkins diet enthusiasts like to say "Drink half as many ounces of water each day as you weigh in pounds." Drinking your water aids in lipolysis and in eliminating ketones. Yes, you do literally urinate you fat away!

Use ketostix regularly, at the same time, every day. Any color on the stick means you are in ketosis. Darker does not mean better, it means you need to drink more water.

Caffeine slows or stalls weight loss in some, but not all people. If it doesn’t affect your weight loss, have your coffee in the morning.

Remember that those who have followed the Atkins WOE will have far better muscle and bone density than those who haven’t. You may end up weighing 20 lbs more than the next size 8, but you’ll be just as small! Size is what matters!

Plan for special occasions. Reserve your carbs for a few days to a week before an event where you know you’ll want to eat special foods.

Get rid of your "fat" clothes. When your jeans are getting tight and you don't have any in a larger size, you'll be forced to deal with your weight gain.

Never let your weight vary more than five pounds. Cut back the carbs, or better yet, go back on induction until you lose those extra pounds.

Weigh and measure yourself at least once a week during Atkins diet. Take your measurements before you start and every week thereafter. It’s likely that you’ll see the tape measure keep moving down even when the scale doesn’t. As long as you’re shrinking, it doesn’t matter!

Eat the level of carbs that make you feel your best. You may be able to eat 90 grams a day, but if you feel better at 75 grams, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Never go above your CCLM in any given week.

Eat only natural, unprocessed, nutrient-dense carbohydrates - no sugar, remember this is the most important guideline in Atkins diet plan!

Exercise regularly.

Continue to take nutritional supplements, modifying your regimen to meet your needs. .

Try one new Atkin diet recipe each week.

Never let yourself get more than five pounds above your goal weight.

If you fall off the wagon, don’t give up. Forgive yourself and get right back with your Atkins diet plan.



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